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'65 Mini-reunion
Reunion weekend in 2017
... to support the Class of 2015,
which returns for its second reunion in 2017

Reunion 1 is May 19-21, 2017. The Alumnae Association is booked solid and so they cannot offer us hospitality during that reunion, however, they will support our efforts to arrange our own accommodations and schedule--just like 1964 did this past May. So far, we have about 12-15 beds in the vicinity and I have another couple of resources to explore.

After I talk with the president of 1964 again, I'll have a better idea of which reunion events we can participate in--parade, of course; possibly the picnic lunch; department open houses/tours, such as the open house at Sycamores which is now operated by the South Hadley Historical Society; and when we have time that we need to program for ourselves. This includes our meals: dinner on Friday, possibly lunch and definitely dinner on Saturday, and perhaps a farewell brunch on Sunday.

Also, do we want to do something cultural for ourselves?

If anyone would like to help with the organization and details, I would welcome that.... Or suggestions of someone reasonably local whom I could invite to collaborate.

- Caroline Fuller Sloat
email: headclassagent@mhc65.com

Added 11-18-16

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