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Friday, November 18, 2016 at 10:25 AM

Dear Classmates,

As you can see from the photo above, ten of us gathered on campus on Sept. 17 and 18 to attend the Alumnae Association-Advancement Office Volunteer Conference. We had a splendid time, the campus was stunning, the meetings inspiring and informative.

55th Reunion, 2020

Planning has begun. Roberta Aber, reunion cochair, would like your ideas for the fifty-fifth. We want this to be a reunion you want to attend. It is not too early to begin this conversation. Coming soon to the class website (see below) will be a "Suggestion Box" for your ideas about what to do (or not do) at Reunion 2020. Volunteer job descriptions will also be on the website. If you wish to volunteer let Roberta know,

Class News

1965 continues to amaze and support Mount Holyoke in so many significant ways. This past fiscal year we exceeded our dollar-amount and participation-percentage goals raising $221,375 from 72 percent of our class. In comparison with all other classes, we had the highest number of renewed donors, with more than 80 members of our class making a gift during the month of June. As a result, we won an additional $5,000 toward our class fundraising total.

At our fiftieth reunion, so many of us made new connections and reaffirmed old ones. To encourage those connections, a number of us are working on reformatting our website. Visit the site to see what's new.

Many pages of our class website are password protected.

For directions on how to find the website login and password,
please send an email to Beverly Braman Harrison at or Dianne M. Lee at

We also have a new communication coordinator for the website, Dianne Lee. She will be updating the site regularly. Note the sections on the left, some new. Just click on a section to learn more and see newly added information. Send your thoughts and questions to Dianne: We welcome new information about gatherings and mini's in your area and hope you will share information about your activities and interests. Photos are great. Dianne and our scribes will work together to share your news with others. Dianne will encourage classmates who use our class Facebook site to regularly check the class website.

Class dues are $25 for the five-year period 2015-2020. Check the dues link on the website if you don't remember paying. Use the PayPal link or send a check to Bev Harrison, Treasurer, 264 Radford Dr., Campbell, CA 95008. Make checks payable to MHC Class of 1965.

And last but not least, you will be "Elfed" this year by Judy Partlow. No telling when your elfing will occur, but be on the look out!

Connection Class 2015

Those of us who attend the September Volunteer Conference were thrilled to reconnect with the teams from the class of 2015. The officers are also planning events for their second reunion and we are planning an informal gathering on campus in mid-May to be present for the Alumnae Parade to cheer them as they pass. The Alumnae Association supports our enthusiasm, but regrets that there is no space for us in the dorms. Kristin Stueber and possibly others in the area can offer a bed if you would like to participate and need a place to stay. If you are interested, please contact Caroline Sloat: More details to follow.

Campus News

Change is good and the College is changing to remain relevant. There are now many inter-departmental majors, there was only one in 1965. Computer science is a massive growth area, with sixty students, no surprise. Teaching techniques continue to evolve with emphasis on creativity and hands on learning. The Lynk Program is witness to that. The Career Development Center engaged 1762 students last year.

This year's freshmen class numbers: 571 students, from 36 states and 26 countries. The target had been 525. This jump occurred without sacrificing excellence as more students than expected chose Mount Holyoke.

Ground has been broken for the new Campus Community Center, adding more community space, more dining options, and innovative ways for students to connect with one another and with faculty. There is a web cam of the new commons, check in to see the progress:

Sending everyone cheers and love from Salsbury Cove,

Judy Burger-Gossart

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